Ryan L. ~Clayton, Ca.

Dr. Kron is comprehensively brilliant and compassionate. After reading his yelp reviews I decided that I at least had to see what the hype was all about. Believe what you read.

Dr. Kron is in very high demand and I was lucky enough that he had a cancellation and the opening fit into my schedule. Dr. Kron spent many hours with me and my spouse on our initial visit going through my entire medical history; blood work, previous diagnoses, testing, medication history, and symptoms. He demonstrated a keen intellect and a very high degree of knowledge (clearly gained through a passion for his line of work and a love of learning) that he applied to my complex and confusing situation. There is no doubt that his evidence based approach, and research backed recommendations, come from a profound respect for the effectiveness of the scientific method. His previous experience as a scientist is a real asset. He seems to be able to spot salacious pseudoscience from a mile away and filter through studies that lack the controls needed to draw accurate conclusions and separate correlation from causation. He is able to handle complexity like a genius. He utilizes a latticework of mental models that can only come from intense study in many fields (nearly every subject we touched on, and there was a wide range, Dr. Kron had a surprising level of knowledge and wisdom) and many years of practice. You can’t help but notice that he takes what he does seriously and cares about helping those who suffer. I always leave feeling inspired to double my efforts, follow his recommendations to the best of my ability, and seek wisdom in the same way he does.

Dr. Kron was able to see what many other mental health professionals, all across the nation, had missed. I had been looking for exactly the expertise he possesses for many years. He tested me for many different conditions, listened carefully to my experience of life, took into account my family history, and appeared to fully understand what it is like to live with a condition like mine with its many complicating and interacting factors. Many doctors I had seen over the years suffered from the “man with a hammer syndrome” to which every problem looks like a nail. This myopic view fails to incorporate individual variability and keeps prescribing and diagnosing withing the proverbial box. Dr. Kron understands that, while a diagnosis can be helpful, every patient’s symptoms tend to manifest in different ways and that a patient should be treated as the individual that they are. He treats people not numbers. Dr. Kron has obviously earned the right and ability to think independently after considering the best information available – the definition of a high-level expert. He listens like no other psychiatrist I have ever heard of. He is also witty as hell with a delightful sense of humor.

With the new insight he was able to provide I have been able to make progress and generate hope where previously there was neither. I finally feel like I am chopping down the correct forest. A follow up visit and a fair amount of email correspondence has confirmed and reinforced my initial impressions – this guy is outstanding.

He made multiple recommendations beyond medication (all of which he supported with evidence of efficacy) and the therapist he referred me to is skilled at working with my exact issues. When I told her who my psychiatrist was she replied “he is the best psychiatrist I have ever heard of, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the best in the nation.”

His staff is also outstanding and kind with quick responses and creative solutions to every issue I have run into.

He doesn’t accept insurance (that’s how the great ones often operate) but if you need the best then believe me this is a deal.

A learning machine with compassion is a rare thing to find let alone one who is a board certified psychiatrist from Yale with a network that will make your jaw drop. I don’t think it is possible for me to be in better hands.

Thank you Dr. Kron. May your kind multiply.