Kim A. ~Pleasant Hill, Ca.

Posted by Michael on

Wow! Where do I start?! Dr. Kron is incredibly smart, well-informed, interesting and interested. He is funny with a quick wit and good sense of humor. He is super multi-fascinated and uber talented, with a background in psychiatry, neurology and pharmacology. He is very focused on his patients but if you can get him to tell you a little about himself, he is one of these doctors/people who is obviously highly intelligent that you get the feeling could master anything, and probably has a photographic memory (I hated those people in school! LOL). He is incredibly caring and is very much a protective advocate for his patients. I feel like I have someone in my corner who truly cares about the outcome of my treatment, hearing how it is going along the way and seeing me get better. On top of that, he is super responsive and communicative, returning phone calls, emails, etc. very promptly. He is truly kind and really gives a d___ about his patients! I have never met anyone like him as a person and certainly no psychiatrist like him… and I have been to more than I care to admit. He is simply awesome!