Jeff S. ~Berkeley, Ca.

Posted by Michael on

This guy is the best p-doc I’ve ever seen, and I’ve managed to go through a few, growing more disheartened as I went. Not only is he a psychiatrist, he actually did additional schooling to get an advanced practice certification in psychopharmacology and is still doing research. Knows his stuff better than any I’ve seen or even heard of. Going in, I was anxious, but he caught me off guard with his effervescent personality (not another word I could think of to better describe it), and in minutes, I dropped my guard and actually really enjoyed talking with him. He is extremely fast (I brought in about a hundred pages of medical records which he went through in about an hour while talking to me), but is unusually thorough and insightful. He had an entirely new take on everything, and for once, I think I’m actually on the right track. Already I feel completely changed, and I’m really looking forward to what’s to come.