Jay C. ~Clayton, Ca.

Dr. Kron is the BEST psychiatrist I have EVER seen over almost the last twenty years!
I am NOT overstating the facts…He was the first Doctor to administer real, objective psychological tests to identify my issue(s). I have seen many psychiatrists for severe depression beginning in the fall of 1997. Aside from Dr. Kron, I have seen four psychiatrists and NOT ONE EVER used any objective measure(s) before diagnosing me and prescribing medication. When I first came into their office(s), they would typically listen to me and, after ten minutes or so, diagnose me, prescribe medication and that was pretty much it until “next time.” I think it is also due to his specializing in psychopharmacology in addition to his psychiatric qualifications that has enabled him to assess me further through lab results as well.
Dr. Kron REALLY LISTENED to me and I felt that his treatment of me is as much a human partnership as it is one of Doctor and patient. He is not intimidating and you can feel free to discuss anything with him which I think is very rare among medical professionals. His modification of my meds has lead directly to a SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT in my symptoms and I have never felt better!
I HIGHLY recommend him!