Cheryl S. ~Berkeley, Ca.

I have known Dr. Kron for eight years, so I can say clearly: I know the guy. Over the years he’s given me a lot of advice on everything from sleep to pain, even to communicating with surgeons and other doctors so I get the best care they have to offer. He has also helped my friends and a couple family members through difficult times. They all think he’s great. What can I say except I feel very confident in him. I’m a big believer that your doctor should be compassionate and caring. He is. His diagnostic skills are sharp but thank God he cares more about getting good results for you instead of obsessing endlessly on diagnosis beyond where it actually matters. He is thorough when examining both physical and chemical issues and he will try multiple approaches to help his patients get on to a path of healing. If something is not working he will try something else.

It’s clear that Dr. Kron cares about his patients. He listens thoughtfully and he offers clear explanations. He is also superbly trained and makes sure he always knows the absolute latest on which treatments work and which don’t. These are truly rare qualities to find together in a doctor.