Chelsea T. ~Walnut Creek, Ca.

I finally found the perfect doctor.

After moving across the country from Texas to California I needed to find a doctor. I had been on every website, reading every review, and I waited for ever on hold over and over again while my health care provider tried to locate a doctor for me. I’m not sure how I came across Dr. Kron, because he is not an Atena doctor, but it didn’t matter. When I made my first appointment we had a mini-consultation over the phone then he emailed me the forms I needed to fill out, and detailed directions on how to find his office. There was no stress.

When you sit in his office you feel like you are visiting with a friend. Dr. Kron always speaks with you directly, and will always call you back.He does everything in a timely fashion. His communication with patients, in my opinion, is excellent. I went to him for adult ADD and because I was feeling a little down. Dr. Kron actually listens. He does not just hand out pills for the payback, and then rushes you out of his office. Instead he correctly addresses the problem, and explains what is needed to overcome the problem. I had already been taking a certain prescription that was working for me and Dr. Kron did not try to change it. He wrote a prescription for me that day. He truly listened and found that I wasn’t depressed, but that I was having trouble adapting to my new surroundings and offered a solution that worked.

I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been, and I am the healthiest that I have ever been because of Dr. Kron. I just moved again, and he still checks up on me, and he made sure I was set on my prescriptions so that I had time to find a new doctor. Dr. Kron is a true professional.