dc ~oakland, ca.

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after 20 years of trial and partial intermittent success with medical add-inattentive intervention, when nothing was working anymore, I found dr Kron and after extensive review and trial and error have had a working stable regimen that has allowed me to achieve great success for several years. he’s great to talk to if you are interested in being treated as a collaborative researcher towards your own success, reacting with excitement instead of condescension when you add useful information.

Brandon Z. ~Lafayette, Ca.

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I have just started working with Dr. Kron and he is by far the best psychiatrist I know of. He takes time to listen and care, at my first appointment he spent an extra 45 minutes just conversing and getting to know me and attempting to help me out on my career path as a college student. He is extremely able at his profession, and does it out of a passion for dealing with patients, making you feel comfortable and connected to him.

Ruth Ann L. ~Oakland, Ca.

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Michael Kron was very instrumental in addressing my late teen son’s psychiatric problems. He is kind, knows how to address the issues and a little quirky in a charming way. Michael really helped my son get dialed in the right direction with the right meds and dosage. As he said “Stay with the program and get well, I want to be a distant memory in your future.”

Thanks Michael, you’ve really made a difference in the year and a half we’ve been seeing you.

h g. ~Castro Valley, Ca.

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i’ve have only one appointment, but i really enjoyed my time with dr.kron. he asked me a ton of questions and spent approx. 2 hours with me. he seems like he genuinely cares. i also like the fact that even though he is obviously very educated, he appears to be a pretty normal average guy. looking forward to the next session.

Maria C. ~Berkeley, CA.

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Mike has helped me more than other psychiatrist (five or more) I have met in 25 years of struggling with depression and searching for answers. I have tried so many different meds…they either had nasty side-effects…gave only short-term relief…or were no help at all. I have also spent 25 years in psychotherapy an have not decided to continue because I feel so good; feeling good has put me in a place where I can reflect on my learnings from those times and apply them to my life.

Mike spends focused time getting to know you as an individual. This, combined with his extensive knowledge of psychopharmacology and mental distress, ended up providing me with medicine that helped my symptoms for the first time in my life. I am deeply grateful to this skilled and sensitive doctor.