Alexis C ~Berkeley, Ca.

Posted by Michael on

Dr. Kron is pretty much the best doctor I have seen in my life. It has been a major struggle to find the right treatment for my particular needs and biological sensitivities, and Dr. Kron is the first person I have found who has had the patience, compassion, and persistence to find what really works for me. And he has done so with the utmost professionalism and kindness. He has also been extremely understanding and resourceful in working with my financial situation to help me gain access to treatments that would be impossible to obtain otherwise.

A few of his many talents:
-warm, approachable manner that immediately puts you at ease
-works with you to choose among options, rather than using a top down approach
-takes time to explain things and answer all your questions and concerns
-both he and his Office Manager respond quickly to all communications
-unmistakable dedication to helping people feel better, not just making money
-holds hope for you when you have next to none
I recommend him without reservation.