dc ~oakland, ca.

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after 20 years of trial and partial intermittent success with medical add-inattentive intervention, when nothing was working anymore, I found dr Kron and after extensive review and trial and error have had a working stable regimen that has allowed me to achieve great success for several years. he’s great to talk to if you are interested in being treated as a collaborative researcher towards your own success, reacting with excitement instead of condescension when you add useful information.

Erik M. ~Alameda, Ca.

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Michael Kron is by far the best psychiatrist I have ever worked with, and the only one worthy of the title “psychopharmacologist.”

I suffer from Major Depression with comorbid Anxiety, Delayed Sleep Phase, and general fatigue.
He is the first mental health professional in my 25 years of visiting them to test me and diagnose for Adult ADD, and the meds he prescribed for that condition put me closer to remission from all of my symptoms than I have been in almost 20 years.

If you can get an appointment with him, and have the financial resources (he does not process insurance papers, but you can submit his bill to your insurance company for partial reimbursement), there is no other like him.

Prior to my first visit, he sent me a number of questionnaires to fill out, all of which were examined in painstaking detail during the first 5 hour visit. That’s right: 5 hours. First time in my life a psychiatrist has spent more than 30 minutes with me.

Don’t settle for half-a$$ed treatment for the most important organ in your body.