Colin D. ~Dos Palos, CA

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Dr. Kron is not only my Psychiatrist but also my friend. I could not ask for anything more. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 5 years old, but did not decide to attack it until age 17. Luckily that was and still is with Dr. Kron. He is not only the most brilliant Psychiatrist there is within ADHD but he is a person who will stick with you and willing to help in any way he can. He is dedicated to whatever it is he helps you with. Ive been to other Psychiatrists briefly before I found Dr. Kron, but they all were like sitting in front of a wooden stick compared to Dr. Kron. I would not be where I am without him. My ADHD is very much under control and Through the years with him I was able to gain a career that I am passionate about. His brilliance is invaluable. He is straight forward and gets to the point. In my case I found that Dr. Kron knows what someone with ADHD needs, and also knows how to talk and deal with it. I find ADHd to be a really complicated thing to attack, Other psychiatrists refuse to treat adult ADHd and their reasoning behind it is that ADHD isn’t the problem, or isn’t real. Ive been treated for things other than ADHD with those mediocre psychiatrists and I would get nowhere with relief of my symptoms. When I came to Dr. Kron he assured me that ADHD is real and that we are going to treat it how it needs to be treated.. Through the years of being treated under Dr. Kron he has helped me become the best person I can be. HIs guidance and knowledge of who I am is what makes me deem Dr. Kron the greatest psychiatrist I could’ve found… Now, I look forward and am excited to see Dr. Kron when my appointment comes around, I act like myself, am not afraid to tell him anything, and in return he acts the same. When I walk out of Dr. Krons office not only am I thankful for him existing as a doctor, but I am smiling and confident about who I am. When you wish you could hang out with your psychiatrist outside of appointments, you know you have found a good person. I try to describe him to other people and its impossible, there is not enough words to say how good he is as a doctor, nor enough to explain what a great person he is.. I will go as far as thanking Dr. Krons parents for bringing such a talented kind person that’s help is extremely effective into this world.. I can keep going to Yelps limits for how many characters you can type in a review…