Jason W. ~Walnut Creek, Ca.

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I started seeing Dr. Kron about 6 weeks ago, and this review is long overdue already. I’m 29 and just realized I have most of the symptoms of ADHD, and these have been a major hindrance in my life. So after reading about treatment of ADHD, I was cautiously optimistic. I really lucked out when I found Dr. Kron though because I seriously doubt there could be anybody better. He saw me for about 3 hours on my first visit, and really got a detailed picture of my life and my symptoms. After diagnosing me with severe ADHD, he got me medications for cheap and one even completely free through the company that makes them. The one that I get for free has really started to change me for the better. I just went back to see Dr. Kron yesterday and was re-evaluated. Almost every single one of my symptoms has been curbed. It’s amazing to be in a conversation with someone and not be distracted with some other thought now! I can wake up in the morning and do the things that need to be done, instead of feeling so lethargic and anhedonic.

I still have a ways to go and hope to continue to make great progress. There’s so much more that can be said about Dr. Kron. He’s probably not for everybody, and I can see why he either has one star reviews or 5 star reviews. You wouldn’t guess he’s an Ivy League educated doctor if you met him on the street, because he’s just a cool guy. He takes the time to see the big picture and actually cares about making a positive difference in others’ lives and isn’t all about the money like I’m sure some doctors are. As long as Dr. Kron is in practice here in the East Bay, I probably won’t move anywhere else, that’s how good of a doctor he is.