Evan D. ~San Francisco, Ca.

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As a health care professional myself, I don’t take Doctor’s credentials and reviews as proof of their skill or knowledge. I like to decide that myself. And let me tell you… I have encountered PLENTY of thoroughly unqualified practitioners in the most unlikely and unexpected places:
– On staff at top notch hospitals.
– Marching authoritatively through sleek, professional, expensively done offices in a perfectly starched, pristine white coats.
– Running intimate, successful private practices, in affluent and discerning communities.
There are a lot of things that make a Doctor successful, and ability to actually heal is not high on that list. It’s just the way it is. Subsequently, it was not surprising that I had been attempting to find a solution to my depression and overall despondency for quite some time. I had been to several different, “qualified” specialists over the course of roughly 15 years, and was really beginning to think that I was going to be one of those people that battles inner demons for their entire life… only finding peace and well being by exiting this mortal coil. Usually prematurely and by their own doing.

We all know where this is going. Dr. Kron takes a very long time during the first meeting. That is also something I do with my patients. Very few practitioners do this these days. Patients in general do not want to be there. And time inside any business, medical offices not exempt, is money. However, what separates a good Doctor from the alternative is quite simply: Diagnosis. Making the diagnosis is akin to cracking the code! Once you understand what is wrong with a person, the rest is almost trial, error, and protocol. But the difficulty lies in not only taking the time, but also, as I said, being good at what you do. Being able to soak in all of this information. Weed out what is important, and what is not. Pay attention to body language and posture. Learn from the past Doctor’s mistakes. And finally, take all of this and process it using the vast ocean of knowledge you have amassed through both study and experience, and find the missing link. And this is all what transpired on my first visit with Dr. Kron.

He is extremely well trained, but more importantly it is obvious that he is a dynamic entity. Constantly learning and adapting his previous beliefs. Not afraid to go where other’s haven’t. He is completely down to earth and candid. He will put you at complete and total ease from the moment you shake hands. And he will most likely have you part ways in a vastly superior state of mind and hope than when your encounter first begun.

He doesn’t take insurance, but you are honestly not going to find someone this good on your plan. When it comes to things like mental health, insurance’s take is very nuts and bolts. Basically: “Either your depressed, addicted, or psychotic. Go to a program.” The pay for their mental health care practitioners is a joke. And the way most systems are networked and constructed will not allow you to thoroughly explore the possibilities of ailments or treatments.

This guy really knows what he is doing and to boot, HE REALLY GENUINELY CARES! He goes the extra mile at every opportunity. I was seriously lucky that I found him and I must admit, the Yelp reviews that I had read were a big part of that. So I didn’t mean to say that reviews are meaningless. It’s just that they don’t ALWAYS pay off. This one most certainly did.

Jason W. ~Walnut Creek, Ca.

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I started seeing Dr. Kron about 6 weeks ago, and this review is long overdue already. I’m 29 and just realized I have most of the symptoms of ADHD, and these have been a major hindrance in my life. So after reading about treatment of ADHD, I was cautiously optimistic. I really lucked out when I found Dr. Kron though because I seriously doubt there could be anybody better. He saw me for about 3 hours on my first visit, and really got a detailed picture of my life and my symptoms. After diagnosing me with severe ADHD, he got me medications for cheap and one even completely free through the company that makes them. The one that I get for free has really started to change me for the better. I just went back to see Dr. Kron yesterday and was re-evaluated. Almost every single one of my symptoms has been curbed. It’s amazing to be in a conversation with someone and not be distracted with some other thought now! I can wake up in the morning and do the things that need to be done, instead of feeling so lethargic and anhedonic.

I still have a ways to go and hope to continue to make great progress. There’s so much more that can be said about Dr. Kron. He’s probably not for everybody, and I can see why he either has one star reviews or 5 star reviews. You wouldn’t guess he’s an Ivy League educated doctor if you met him on the street, because he’s just a cool guy. He takes the time to see the big picture and actually cares about making a positive difference in others’ lives and isn’t all about the money like I’m sure some doctors are. As long as Dr. Kron is in practice here in the East Bay, I probably won’t move anywhere else, that’s how good of a doctor he is.