Bill S. ~Hayward, Ca.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Krons since he was with Kaiser in Oakland years ago. I was shocked to see a bad review about this physician so I thought an update was in order.

I have been suffering with Depression, anxiety, hypochondriasis yeah I am pretty screwed up LOL and Dr. Kron has always been by my side through the real tough times especially this year which by far has been the worse. I saw him a little over a week ago and he spent one and a half hours with me because he saw how distraught I was. Mind you I only had a thirty minute appointment scheduled.

I was very fortunate it that day that no one was scheduled after me and one person did not show. He spent the whole time talking reassuring me I was going to be fine and trying to find a med that we never tried which is tough because I have side effect issues with most meds. And was shocked at the end that he did not charge me for the time he spent I guarantee you another Doctor would have ran off to lunch.

I cannot and will never be able to say enough about him AND his wonderful assistant Nan. Even though I have never met Nan she is on top of everything and so pleasant to speak with and calming. She always gets me in when I need and is quick to get refills called in.

Well, enough said between the both of them you cannot go wrong. I am glad I have Dr. Kron on my team. With him and the rest of my Doctors I feel confident I can get through anything.

Thanks again to Dr. Kron and Nan for being there all these years. You to are the best.

Will Silveria