Rob R. ~Dublin, Ca.

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Dr. Kron is a humane, caring, personable doctor. He’ll determine your dosage in a few days compared to most doctors that take three months. Dr Kron is open to different therapies and drugs and is willing to try different drug combinations that work for you. He’s the type of person you’d like as your next door neighbor. I find myself chatting with him, like a friend, after the session is over.

Ruth Ann L. ~Oakland, Ca.

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Michael Kron was very instrumental in addressing my late teen son’s psychiatric problems. He is kind, knows how to address the issues and a little quirky in a charming way. Michael really helped my son get dialed in the right direction with the right meds and dosage. As he said “Stay with the program and get well, I want to be a distant memory in your future.”

Thanks Michael, you’ve really made a difference in the year and a half we’ve been seeing you.