Q M ~Albany, Ca.

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Dr. Michael Kron, MD is one of the best doctors I have had treatment from. Both, professionally and personally, he is remarkable and outstanding. His fine human qualities, polite manners, courteous interactions with the patients, and professional skills and abilities – all make him one of the rarest doctors in his field of treatment and practice. He, always (most conscientiously), puts patients’ well being at the top of (from) all other issues. He is an asset for the community and the country. He is a doctor, brilliantly competent in modern medical science, with the graces of Hippocrates and famous doctors and clinicians. I wish him all the best.

Q. Mamoon

Alexis C ~Berkeley, Ca.

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Dr. Kron is pretty much the best doctor I have seen in my life. It has been a major struggle to find the right treatment for my particular needs and biological sensitivities, and Dr. Kron is the first person I have found who has had the patience, compassion, and persistence to find what really works for me. And he has done so with the utmost professionalism and kindness. He has also been extremely understanding and resourceful in working with my financial situation to help me gain access to treatments that would be impossible to obtain otherwise.

A few of his many talents:
-warm, approachable manner that immediately puts you at ease
-works with you to choose among options, rather than using a top down approach
-takes time to explain things and answer all your questions and concerns
-both he and his Office Manager respond quickly to all communications
-unmistakable dedication to helping people feel better, not just making money
-holds hope for you when you have next to none
I recommend him without reservation.

Victoria P. ~San Francisco, CA

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What do you write about a physician who extended himself to help you and saved your life in so many ways? There is no way I can ever thank him enough for what he has done for me. When u suffer form agoraphobia, finding treatment is very tricky. I looked for a very long time before I found Dr. Kron. I came upon him as I finally just googled. I saw his reviews and I thought I will call. With this condition it was not as if I could just set up an appointment and go in. That’s the nature of this condition. He worked with me, helped me, and took me on. I was at the end of my rope when he did. I am grateful to him and blessed to have found him. He is compassionate, caring, his crudentials are excellent. I needed to make sure he was not too good to be true, he wasn’t. He also encouraged me to pursue CBT therapy and I did. I could not have pursued anything if he did not stick with me and make me feel finally that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I am in recovery now, thanks so much to Dr. Kron. His mild mannered way and his ability to understand the patient’s suffering is not common in our society today. Five stars is not enough. I reccomend him wholeheartedly.

John G. ~Pleasant Hill, Ca.

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Dr. Kron is, as the rating suggests, among the best there is. With a wry wit and an easy manner he brings the science of modern, medication based psych medicine down to earth.

He is a great example to medical students and other providers as well of what Independent, non-insurance based medical practice can be.

Rob R. ~Dublin, Ca.

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Dr. Kron is a humane, caring, personable doctor. He’ll determine your dosage in a few days compared to most doctors that take three months. Dr Kron is open to different therapies and drugs and is willing to try different drug combinations that work for you. He’s the type of person you’d like as your next door neighbor. I find myself chatting with him, like a friend, after the session is over.

Ruth Ann L. ~Oakland, Ca.

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Michael Kron was very instrumental in addressing my late teen son’s psychiatric problems. He is kind, knows how to address the issues and a little quirky in a charming way. Michael really helped my son get dialed in the right direction with the right meds and dosage. As he said “Stay with the program and get well, I want to be a distant memory in your future.”

Thanks Michael, you’ve really made a difference in the year and a half we’ve been seeing you.

Sarah B. ~Berkeley, Ca.

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I had the good fortune to be treated by Dr. Kron while he was a psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente, Oakland. He diagnosed my major depression, anxiety disorder and ADD…all untreated for decades and which had resulted in low self-esteem, chronic mood swings, learning difficulties and finally a breakdown.

He prescribed medications that helped balance my conditions. Finding the right combination of medications can be difficult, but he encouraged me to share my symptoms and fears, because he gained crucial insights into ways he could better help me.

I was able to progress to talk therapy and also to classes that helped change my behavior and reactions for the better. The outside world no longer feels threatening because I understand myself, know my strengths, and feel I have tools to cope with difficulties when they come up.

Dr. Kron has an understated manner that made me feel extraordinarily safe. He has a gift for turning complex issues inside out using kindness and humor as guiding principles, all the while grounded in the best clinical practices psychiatry and psychopharmacology have to offer.

Penny B. ~Oakland, Ca.

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I guess you could call me an academic snob. Whenever I am looking for a physician I spend a great deal of time looking for the Best there is; in this case I was searching for a psychiatrist for my husband. I wasn’t just going to throw him out to the wolves (because it’s happened before), so I googled “best psychiatrist in San Francisco” and up came Dr. Kron.

I wasn’t done yet…..then I scoured his credentials to make sure he went to a top notch school because not just anyone can get into these institutions right? Next, I was determined to find out about his effectiveness and read numerous comments on several websites. Hmmmm, maybe it’s me that should go see Dr. Kron.

Anyway, we (my husband and myself) are uber excited about Dr. Kron. He has an amazing bedside manner, is soft spoken, gentle, compassionate and very approachable. Best of all, my husband likes him and doesn’t mind going for his visits which in the past was an issue (BTW he is doing so much better).

I recommend Dr. Kron without reservation and hope that he is still accepting new patients so you can be as lucky as we are.