Iris G. ~Walnut Creek, Ca.

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I had pretty much given up on expecting anything more than medicine dispensers after two decades of mediocre to terrible Psychiatrists. Then I had the most-excellent fortune of meeting Dr. Kron. He not only listens, he doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to telling it like it is. If you’re seeking a doctor who cares, follows up and really is there for you, go see Dr. Kron.

Carin C. ~Berkeley, Ca.

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Mike has helped me more than other other psychiatrist (five or more) I have met in 25 years of struggling with depression and searching for answers. I have tried so many different meds . . . they either had nasty side-effects . . . gave only short-term relief . . . or were no help at all. I have also spent 25 years in psychotherapy and have not decided to continue because I feel so good; feeling good has put me in a place where I can reflect on my learnings from those times and apply them to my life.

Mike spends focused time getting to know you as an individual. This, combined with his extensive knowledge of psychopharmacology and mental distress, ended up providing me with medicine that helped my symptoms of self-dislike and lack of motivation for the first time in my life. I am deeply grateful to this skilled and sensitive doctor. Three months later, I now enjoy myself as a person on a daily basis, my inner dialogues include jokes, and my plans for the future are moving along well with authentic engagement.