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Having seen about half a dozen psychiatrists in the last ten years, I’ve developed a personal index assessment for my providers. I’m not kidding- I’m that exacting when it comes to my doctors. Bad news for my doctors, for the most part. But very good news for you if you’re reading this review.

If you’d like to cut to the chase, here’s the spoiler alert: Dr. Kron is awesome.

Here’s my rationale:

1. Kindness: maybe a surprising first priority for an indicator of giving excellent psychiatric care, but it’s the most important to me. And Dr. Kron’s got kindness in spades. He’s attentive, empathetic, genuinely interested, and passionate about offering more and better access to people in need. 5 stars.

2. Advocacy: I haven’t had many psychiatrists who are willing to fight for me. But Dr. Kron wears a number of hats, one of them being A-1 case manager. Really. He works hard, does the research, and keeps his business needs transparent , so that you can get what you need at a price point that’s realistic and sustainable. That matters to him. 5 stars.

3. Intelligence/Competency: This goes without saying, perhaps, but I find that smarts is sometimes distorted to mean that the provider has a lot of fancy degrees and certifications. Dr. Kron has these, of course, but his real intelligence has to do with a willingness to listen to his clients. He allows me more than enough space and time to create a collaborative and creative medical relationship. That’s just plain smart. 5 stars.

4. Availability: this category value could probably be deduced form the three above, but let’s suss it out anyway. Dr. Kron is there for me when I need it. For non-emergencies, it sometimes takes a day for him to respond, but that’s a time line that beats any other psychiatrist I’ve had. 5 stars.

In short, he’s awesome. My health and well-being are much improved since I started seeing him. Call him. But don’t take my appointment time.