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Seeking help for depression can be a daunting task. Please persevere; it’s worth it when you find the right doctor.

Here’s my review: being new to the area, and having no personal referrals, I began calling various offices after some brief internet research. For many of these calls, it often took two days or longer to get a call back, and the return call would often be from an office assistant requesting a lengthy intake assessment. It would then take a day or two before someone would call back with an appointment slot. Etc, etc.

It’s not easy. It’s also somewhat of a lottery, in that you never know who you will get. Will they ‘get’ you, and understand your particular issues? Will you feel comfortable discussing deeply intimate thoughts and feelings? Will they really be able to help you in a lasting way?

I called Dr. Kron after seeing his web page – it said “Call my cell”, and there were some patient reviews that seemed genuine.

I called his cell and left a message. A few hours later, at 8:30 pm, I got a call. He asked if I had a moment to talk, and asked me what was on my mind. I told him some of what was bothering me, and although I felt I was not able to explain it all that well, I could tell by the questions he was asking that he was quickly and effectively diagnosing me – sussing out issues that often accompany depression, as well as ruling out those that can present as depression. But it was the way in which he did it that most affected me.

It’s hard to explain, but you’ll know if you ever have a chance to speak with him. It was as if he was right there with me, and had always been there. An intuition of sorts – a ‘knowing’ – without judgement, without a doctorly distance. Just a razor-sharp guy with a lot of compassion and a way of explaining the brain’s workings in a down-to-earth manner that makes exact sense.

He spoke with me for 45 minutes – about newer medications, about what’s worked or not for me in the past, and about how I would like to proceed. He gave me the names of several of the newer classes of meds, explaining exactly how they interacted with the brain, and encouraged me to research them further.

I asked about his background, & he mentioned he had seen about 10,000 patients over the past 8 years or so at big-box hospital. To me, that was key; I believe in experience & exposure above all. I thought if he’s seen that many folks, he’s probably seen five or ten of me.

In person, he’s caring and kind. He gets it, and he listens. There’s more I could write, but you’ll know all of this if you choose to see him.

But no matter who you see, and no matter how difficult it is, please try to see someone if you are having issues. I don’t mean to give advice, but I waited five hellish years before seeking help, and I regret it.


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Best Psychiatrist in the Bay Area!

Dr. Kron is without a doubt one of the best psychiatrists I have ever encountered in my 20 years of working in the field of Psychiatry. I’ll tell you why. First, and foremost, he listens and he cares. You will never feel rushed. He treats you as a person and not as a diagnosis. Although he is an expert in the field of Psychiatry, is very bright, is well read and stays on top of the most current psychiatric treatments, he will always insure that you have the final choice in your treatment options. In other words, he works with you as a partner in helping you feel better. And you will feel better! He deserves a 10 star rating.