Christian K ~Orinda, Ca.

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“MY STORY: After graduating college and starting my first real job it became readily apparent I would have to address my struggle with ADD head-on.

PREVIOUS DOCTOR: In the past I was apprehensive to address the issue with my previous ADD doctor because the way his practice made me feel. My first diagnostic appointment with the doctor at the age of 16 was the only instance where (I felt comfortable) that I could express my thoughts on ADD/life. Nearly all future appointments with this doctor felt rushed (in and out to get prescription within literally two minutes). When suggesting that current medication was not too effective, and requesting to explore other alternatives, I was told that they’re all similar, and slightly coerced into accepting the status quo. Frustrated with this service, I looked for other doctors.

DR. KRON: My first appointment with Dr. Kron actually began on the phone. Dr. Kron urged me to provide as much medical history/information as possible prior to the appointment in order for him to be better prepared.

I did so, and he reviewed the information at no additional charge. At our first appointment, he was up to speed on my condition with the information he requested, but did not jump out of the gate and provide me with a prescription. Instead he clarified points, asked the right questions, and listened to what I felt the true issues were. There was no clock watching, stress, or implied sense of superiority that I have felt from some doctors.

While Dr. Kron does not directly accept insurance, you can submit his medical ‘bill’ to the insurance company to get reimbursed. He does everything in his power to help you get reimbursed, and has even offered to wade through the 1-800 phone-tree mayhem at United Health Care to push my claim forward. That’s a level of service that few can compete with.

In addition to his efforts toward making the insurance claim process simple, Dr. Kron charges less than other doctors I have visited. I find his rates to be especially reasonable, considering his caliber of education, level of service, and follow-through with patients.

To summarize:
-I struggle with ADD
-Previous doctor made me feel uncomfortable
-New Doctor, Dr. Kron, has provided improved work performance, and a better quality of life, with an engaging manner and professional practice that works with me.”